Traditional, classical, modern, popular or electronic bands and DJs are welcome to apply to perform a showcase at AME 2018. Alongside a line-up of local Cabo Verdean artists, applications from artists from Africa and all sides of the Atlantic will be considered with particular attention.

Our international jury will select the artists from the applications received. The deadline for Cabo Verdean submissions is Wednesday, 31 January 2018. The deadline for applications from international artists is Sunday 31 December 2017.

If you are not from Cabo Verde, please use our special form.


Please note that AME Cabo Verde is not in a position to cover international travels.

What is provided: accommodation, per diems, stage and necessary equipment to perform, local transportation and extensive promotional treatment on equal basis for all the selected artists.

If you want to apply for a showcase, think carefully about financing your travel to Cabo Verde and let us know what support or funding you can benefit from.

Artist application form

If you are interested in performing a showcase at AME, you need to submit a proposal via this form. It can take a bit of time, please read first the following information to know what you will exactly need.

Deadline for submission is: Wednesday, 31 January 2018

To be considered for AME next edition, you will need the following items - all of them, without exception:

Completed application form
Biography (*)
Technical rider (*)
2 High Resolution pictures Ė 300 dpi (*)
At least 2 mp3 tracks (*)
Useful links (not mandatory): videos, social media pages, websites

(*) must be uploaded via our website before the deadline.

Rules and regulations

1. The deadline for application must be strictly adhered to. Any submission received after that date will not be accepted.
2. The submission file has to be complete. Any application missing mandatory material will not be accepted.
3. The closing date for applications is: Wednesday, 31 January 2018
4. The artists/bands will be selected by the AME jury from the applications received by the deadline.
5. For any artist/band selected, AME will request exclusive performance rights in Santiago Island for a whole month before AME showcases.
6. For each artist/group selected, AME will provide accommodation for 2 nights as well as per diems. The travel expenses will remain at the group/artistsí charge. Please ensure sure you indicate how you aim to finance your travel if selected.
7. The accommodation for artists will tolerate one crew member: technician or road manager. The people willing to attend AME to sell (such as bookers) will be responsible for covering their own expenses. 1 delegate registration will be offered to the manager or booker who placed the application of the artist/group selected for the showcase.
8. The groupís passports & travel information must be communicated to AME production team before 28 February 2018 in order to organize accommodation, airport pick-ups and process the visa (if applicable).
9. Please acknowledge the fact that the event and the time of year reduce the hotel availability and that we will not be able to book single rooms for everyone.

By checking this box, I agree with the terms of showcase application for Atlantic Music Expo Cabo Verde.

Who are you?

Name of the artist/band

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AME does not provide or cover travels costs. Please explain how you would finance your trip if selected.

Stage information

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Thank you for submitting a Showcase proposal for AME 2018!

You will now receive an email confirming that your application form was submitted, including a link so you can come back at any time to upload the required material. If needed, you can also use this link to edit your application. Please note, it can take a few minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox.

After the deadline (Wednesday, 31 January 2018), we will check all the applications we received. There is no need to follow-up, to call or to send us messages: we will process all completed applications and contact you as soon as possible.

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