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Take part in a musically and professionally-rewarding experience in one of the most attractive places on earth.

Since 2013, AME drew more than 2000 local and international delegates from 45 countries and 100 showcases for vibrant transatlantic cultural exchange. Our community comprises key engaged, international players from all branches of the music world.

The program will consist of selected proposals as well as AME-curated acts and sessions. The call for program proposals for AME 2018 is now open.


Build knowledge and networks: the conferences and workshops analyze relevant themes and trends to help you improve your expertise in business while the trade fair allows companies and individuals to display their products to a wide range of people. You must register to attend.


Create new opportunities: Want to present your activities? Sell CDs? Sell musical instruments or music equipment? Promote your event? Book a stand at AME's open air trade fair, open to delegates and the general public in Praia's main square.


Perform at AME 18: traditional, classical, modern, popular or electronic bands and DJs are welcome to apply. Alongside a line-up of Cabo Verdean artists, applications from artists from Africa and all sides of the Atlantic will be considered with particular attention.

You are


Gain new insight: over 40 international speakers will participate in AME's conferences, one-to-one meetings and workshops to be held at Palacio Da Cultura.

Please remember

The deadline for the international showcases is Sunday 31 December 2017.

The deadline for the Cabo Verdean showcases is Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

The deadline for the conferences is Sunday 31 December 2017.

 Great friendly networking music conference with a laid back, intimate but passionately professional vibe. 

Ben Oldfield (UK/France), Vice-President The Orchard, France, Benelux and West Africa